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Word - Using Pictures

Insert a picture
Insert a picture from the library
Change a picture's size

The Picture toolbar

Change the picture's color


Word allows you to insert pictures into your document such as logos of companies, photos and other pictures to give more interest or a more professional speed(look) to your document. This page shows how to insert a picture that is located on a USB key or a hard drive. You can also take a picture located in the Microsoft's picture library. To have a beautiful picture is not enough. It's must also appear at the right size. Furthermore, the picture should be well placed in the document.


You can insert pictures into a document in two ways: by inserting a picture that you have on a USB key or that you created with another application or by taking a picture from Microsoft's library.

Insert a picture

You can also insert your own pictures.

*Place the cursor in the place where you want to insert thepicture.
*From the Insert menu, select the Picture option.

Insert picture options


Microsoft Office contains a vast library of clipArts you can insert into your documents. You can also import more ClipArt from the Office Online Web site.

From File

You can also inset pictures such as photos or the company logo into your document.

From Scanner or Camera

You can scan pictures or transfer them from a camera directly into your pages.

New Drawing

Microsoft Word offers a drawing toolbar than can use to make your own drawings to express your thoughts.


There are some shapes you can use to express your ideas.


This is a great tool to insert a special title in your text.

Organization Chart

Organization charts are sometimes required in business documents. This tool helps you create an org chart very easily.


Somestimes, the best way to look at a vast of numbers is with a chart. Office 2003 has a very simple tool to make charts.

*Select the From file option.
*Select the right folder where the picture is located.

For the picture above, it's about the C: drive. select the letter of the reader or you know that there is a picture.

Insert a picture

Here is the list of the available pictures. You have a preview of the picture in the column of the centre to make sure that you select the good picture.

*Click on the name of the picture that interests you.
* Press the Insert button.

And here is! The picture is now in your document.

Insert a picture from the library

*Place the cursor where you want to insert the picture into your document.
*From the Insert menu, select the Picture and ClipArt options.

The left column offers you a list of categories of pictures. The column of the centre shows all the pictures of the selected category.

*From the list of the available pictures, select the one of your choice and press the Insert button.

You can also get even more clip art from the Microsoft Office OnLine Web site.


Change the size of the picture

Although there are several formats of charts, one can group together them in two types of pictures: vectoriels and points. The pictures of type just in time consist of little points of color. It's impossible to change the proportions or the sizes of these pictures. The pictures of vector type consist of data that save the place of rows the one with regard to the others as well as colors. It's easy to change the size of these. So, the explanations that follow will not work for all the pictures, but only for those of the vector type.

*Click on the picture.

Squares will appear around the border of the picture.

To reduce the size of the picture

*Click one of the squares in the extremities of the picture.
*Press and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor inside the picture.

To increase the size of a picture

*Click one of the squares at the extremities of the picture.
*Press the left mouse button and move the cursor away from the middle of the picture.

Be careful!

To keep the size of the picture proportional, you should more keep it a finger on the Shift key.

Here's another way to change the size of a picture.

*Double-clic on the picture.
*Click on the picture.
*Press the right mouse button.
*From the list of options, select the Format Picture option.

Format picture window, size tab, scale at 50%

*Select the Size tab.

You may change the size of the picture by deciding the exact height and width or changing the scale.

*Once you've selected the right size, press the OK button.

This picture is 50%

Move the picture

There are two ways to move a picture: by using the mouse or by the options of the format.

*Click on the picture.
*Place the cursor inside the picture.
*Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse, for its new location.

You will find all the options for the frame in this window. In the section of dismissal in the automatic row, you can choose to let Word write of the text around the frame or not. In the section cuts, you can determine the exact size of the frame or let Word take charge of this detail. There is then a horizontal and vertical location of the frame.

The Picture toolbar

Picture toolbar

Here is the toolbar of picture that, normally, appears when you click a picture of your document. It offers you almost all the options to adjust a picture to your needs. The text that follows serves for explaining the possibilities of each of the buttons of the toolbar.

View the toolbar

Here is the procedure to be followed to view the Picture toolbar.

From the View menu, select the Toolbar option.
Select the Picture toolbar.

Insert a picture

While pressing on the button Insert picture bouton, you may insert into your document a picture from Office's library.

Control of picture

The control picture button Picture color boutonis to inform the software of the kind of use that you want of the picture.

It can be used as a watermark to cover the bottom of a page. The picture can be also converted in tones of grey or in black and white according to your needs. Generally, it's better leave the picture with the automatic size(format).


The contrast buttons Picture contrast boutoncontrol the variations of color inside the picture. The more there is of contrast, the more there are variations of colors. Here is it that arrives at a picture when the contrast is reduced at least.


With these Picture brightness boutons buttons, you may return a more pale or darker picture by controlling its luminosity.

Crop a picture

This button ( Crop picture) serves for showing only a part of the picture that you need. It's possible to hide the rest of the picture. Here is a picture before and after the resources grumble.

Click on the picture.
Press the button Crop picture.

The cursor changes format.

Place the cursor on one of the squares of dimensionnement that surrounds the picture.
Press and hold the left mouse button and move the square inside the picture to hide an useless part.
repeat the operation on the picture to hide or show a part of the picture until you're satisfied.

Rotale left

Rotate left bouton

He're another to rotate a picture.

Click on the picture.
Place the cursor on the green handle above the picture.
Press and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor left to right.

The picture will also rotate. If you also press the Shift key, the picture will rotate at exeact 15 degree intervals (0, 15, 30, 45, 60 ...).

Line Style

The button of style of rows(features) ( ) serves for determining the son-in-law of frame, its thickness and its color around the picture.

Picture with a large border

To remove the row border ...


Compress picture

Text wrapping

The button of dressing ( Text wrapping bouton) controls how the text will surround the picture. Word offers you the types of following dressing:

Text wrapping options

With a square border, the text will surround the frame of the picture but will not go inside this frame.
The moved closer border allows the text to take the outline of the picture.
The border in the fault allows the text to spell over the picture.
No borders
The border in the bottom does not allow the text to take place to the left or to the right-hand side of the picture.

It's also possible to change the outline of the picture. The text follows so the outline that you chose.

Here is an example of a picture with text wrapping moved closer dressing and a possibility of modifying the outline of the picture.

Format picture

This button ( Picture format bouton) includes most of the options described below.

Format picture window, size tab, scale at 50%

The following window allows you to change the options on the picture, the dressing, the luminosity, the contrast, the rognage, the size, the position and the colors of the picture.

Transparent color

When you import a picture, it's possible that you would want that a certain color is transparent. While pressing on the button Transparent color bouton, you can then choose the transparent color of the picture. pay attention. It's all the points of this color that will become transparent and not only a part. So, if you have two dark blocks of blue of that you want that a part is transparent, you should first bring the picture in a publisher(editor) to change the color of the block that will become transparent. Otherwise, all that is dark blue will disappear from the picture.

Restore the picture

You can always put back the picture to its original size and format by pressing on this button Reset picture bouton.

Change the colors of the picture

For a picture of the library

*Click on the picture.
*Press the right mouse button.
*Press the Drawing button from the Drawing toolbar if this one is shown.

*Select the option Groups.
*Select the option Dissociate.

All the rows and the blocks that compose the picture are now independent one to another. It's now possible to change the color of the rows(features) and the blocks. With a little of work, you can have a pink elephant!

*Click on the picture.

*From the Format menu, select Picture option.
*Press the right mouse button.
*Select the Picture Format option.

*Change the color your choice.


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