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Access - Chart Form

Before we begin
Create a form form chart with the assistant
Changing a form

Before we begin

Access offers you several types of forms. This Web page demonstrates how to create and use a chart form. For more information on forms generally, go to the Access forms page.

To realize the exercices on this web page, you will need the data from either demoacc2.mdb or demoa2k2.mdb (for Access97 or Access 2000 respectively). You can take these databases from the demonstration files web page of this site.


Access allows you to generate charts from the mass of data that you accumulated. This page demonstrates how to generate a chart form and to change it. The exercise of this page will demonstrate the sum of all the commissions of the company by office location. You will find the date from the Commission and office fields in the Employees table.

Why a chart?

+To simplify the analysis of a mass of data.
+To analyze quickly the trends of the series of data.
+To be able to compare the data.
+To analyze proportions.

Creating a chart form with the assistant

*From the main menu, select the tab Forms Tab form.
*Press the New button.

*From the list of the available options, select the option Attending chart.

The "source" of a form or a report can be a table or a query. The query to use records that answer the wanted criteria or resulting from several connected tables. It's a point to consider during the creation of a chart.

*For this exercise, select the Employees table.
*Press the OK button.

*From the list of the available fields, select fields office and Commission.

It's enough of:

*Choose the field of the left column and to press the button .
*Make(do) a double click on the wished field.

*When the wanted fields were selected, press the Next button.

Access a list of types of chart offers you to represent your data.

*For this exercise, select the type of chart sector.
*Press the Next button.

*Double-click on the button Sum Decommission.

The chart form allows you to generate a synthesis on several elements of the data. Here is a short description of each of the possible options.


Show the values of the selected field.


Show the sum a selected field.


Show the average of a selected field.


Show the smallest value of a selected field.


Show the biggest value of a selected field.


Show the number of records of a selected field.

*Make sure that the synthesis is on the option Sum .
*Press the OK button.

It's always possible to you to change fields or synthesis by returning to the Design view.

*For this exercise, press the Next button.

It remains still to give a name to the chart as well as to see some other possibilities.

*For the name of the chart, enter the name: Total of the commissions of the company.
*Press the Finish button.

Access will take a moment to generate the chart according to the options that you chose.

Here is the chart generated from the data of the Employees table.

Modification of the form

To be able to change the chart form, you must enter Design view.

*Press the button.
*From the Edit menu, select the Design view option.

You can change the dimension of the form to answer your needs.

To modify the presentation.

*Place the cursor over the chart.
*Double-click on the chart.

Access uses the generator of chart of Windows to represent the data. watch to read the page on the insertion of a chart to learn how to change it.

You can not modify the data from the table of data of the chart module.

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