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PowerPoint - Notes page mode

Add some text
Change the size of a block of text

Add a second column
Add a drawing

Modify the background
Print the comments page


This mode is used to supply in the audience a document to follow or remember itself important points of your presentation. Every slide of your presentation has its own comment page.


Screen of page comment

Below the picture of the slide, you can write of the text to explain it better. You can as well add supplementary comments as it's impossible to you to look because of not enough time that is assigned to you for the presentation. You can also use this space to call back(remind) the important points of the slide. You can also change the presentation of the page how to add pictures, charts and possiblement a corporate logo from the other elements of the page.

Add text

*Click in the text box below the slide.
*Write some rows of text.

You can change the percentage of the "zoom" by clicking in the box located in the standard toolbar. One finds generally this button in the right superior corner of the screen. You can enter from 10 % to 400 %.

Change the size of the block of text

You will maybe need to change the size of the block of text to be able to insert on the comments page a picture or another object. You can change the size of the block of text as often as you want it.

*Click on the button Selectof the Drawing toolbar
*Click on the border of the block of text.

The border of the block of text will change. It will be more thick and there is aura of the squares of dimensionnement (squared white) around the frame. It's the squares that are important. It's thanks to them that you can change the size of the block of text.

*Place the cursor over one of the squares of dimensionnement.
*keep a finger pressed on the left mouse button and move it inward of the square.
*When you'll have selected the right size, release the mouse button.

To move the text box

*Place the cursor on the border surrounding the text box. The cursor will change form to represent four small black arrows pointing up, down, left and right.
*Press the left mouse button and move the text box towards the location of your choice.
*Release the mouse button.

Add a second column

He can as well arrive by occasion as you want presented your pages comments on two columns. Here is the procedure to be followed.

*Reduce the width of the first text box.
*Press the Texte box bouton button of the Drawing toolbar.
*Click next to the first text box and write a word.
*Click on the Sélectoinnerbutton of the Drawing toolbar.
*Click on the border of the second block of text.
*Change the width of the text box as needed.

The length the block will be as long as the text that you write. The width of the block will only change when you change the width of the border of the block of text.

If you want to have several columns on the majority or all your pages of comments, it would be preferable to change the mask of the pages of comments.

Add a drawing

You can use the same toolbars as you use in mode slide to change the appearance of the comments page. It's so possible toto add pictures, drawings, charts, organization charts, tables as well as other objects on each of the comments pages.

To add an picture, press the Insert an image of the librarybutton or select from the Insert menu the Image option.

Modify the background

This option gives you the possibility, as for a slide, to change the back plan of comments pages. It's then possible to you to add of the text or the corporate logo that will repeat of a page how in another. You can also change the pagination of the page how to have several columns. Or you can enlarge or reduce the size taken by the slide, and even to delete it if need be. For more details of the functioning of masks, go to the page to improve your presentation.

To change the background, select the option of the main menu, View, Mask, Mask for the comments pages.

Print the comments page

*From the File menu, select the Print option.
Press theCTRL and P keys.

*At the bottom of the window, of the list of the printable elements, select the Notes pages option.
*Press the OK button.


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