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PowerPoint - Page layout and printing

Page layout


You can print in any mode, except the mode slide show, by pressing on the Printbutton. This would print slides, plan of the presentation or pages comments of your presentation according to the mode in that you're at the time of pressing on the button of printing. PowerPoint offers you also several options for the printing.

*From the File menu, select the Print option.

The following dialog box will appear.


PowerPoint2003- Printing window

Of the list of the box To print, you can determine any possibility that PowerPoint offers you. You can print slides, pages comments, the plan of the presentation. It's possible to print 2 , 3 or 6 slides on the same page. It's a good option during the preparation of the presentation or to summarize your presentation.

In the first box, you can select the type of printer. If to work you in a company, it's possible that you have access to several printers, that it's in black and white or in color.

If possible , select the printer of your choice.

Below the choice of printer, you may determine that will be the vast of your printing. You can print all the slides of the presentation or select some of it or even the only one. It's the choice below the one that gives most choices of it.

Of this list, you can decide to print slides, plan of the presentation as well as pages comments of the presentation. You can even print several slides on the same page! One note about the option 3 slides by pages. PowerPoint prints three slides of highly-rated left of the sheet. Of highly-rated right, PowerPoint prints rows on that the public can write comments. These members can ' serve as it for a reminder of the important points mentioned during the presentation.

It's easy to ask to PowerPoint to print several copies. It's just necessary to change the figure of the box "Copies". There are also the other interesting options.

Black and white

Print in black and white including several tones of grey.

Black and complete white

Print in black only; no tone of grey.
Very important for an printing on a printer with needles (matrix dowry).

Put on the scale of the sheet

Adjust the slide to take advantage of all the space of the page.

Frame(supervise) slides

Puts a border around the slide.

Be careful!

Before printing, make sure to have the right page format. Normally, it's the " US Letter " (8 ½ X 11) format.

Page layout

The pagination that you use depends on the kind of presentation that you go to make. Is it a presentation on a computer or a on paper? If your presentation is given onto a screen of computer, select the " View on the screen " option. If your presentation shown is in the form of report, select a paper format that's appropriate. In North America, the page format of paper is the US letter or US Legal.

*From the File menu, select the Page setup option.

It's also possible to number pages. You can change the number of departure of your presentation. For example. You want to insert some pages into a report that you prepare. Instead of your pages are numbered from 1, you can change this number your choice.

The pagination allows you also to change the orientation of your slides and your pages comments separately.

*When you'll have chosen the options that correspond to your needs, press the OK button.


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