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PowerPoint - Slide show mode

Using the pen
Continual presentation


The mode slide show is of use only to the presentation of the slides that you prepared. The instructions that follow are to help you to navigate through your presentation and also to help you to put of the accent on the important points. To make you to the mode Slide show:

*Press the button located in the left lower corner of the screen.
*From the View menu, select the Slide show option.

The presentation of your slide show will begin at once in the first slide.


To pass in the following slide, you can use the Enter, spacebar, PageDown keys, or the left mouse button.

If you want to return to the previous slide, you can use the PageUp key or the right mouse button.

If you move the mouse on the screen, you go to see this button Slide show menu during a presentationin the left lower corner of the screen. It offers you the available options during the presentation.

*Press the presentation menu button.

The following picture is a composition of all the possibilities of the presentation menu. The text that follows explains each of these options.

Slide show menu pen optionsSlide show options

Go in

This option allows you to go quickly to any slide of the presentation. PowerPoint offers you several ways to find the slide to that you want to go.

Black screen

Show a black screen to allow to the demonstrator to take a break or to end the presentation.

Speaker Notes

During the demonstration, a person can move a comment that you want to save for later. This comment can be placed in the document to be printed later. There is also a possibility of with a list of actions. This is to indicate what should be carried out after the presentation to move a project announced in this one.

Speaker's notes window

Likent for the presenter

During the presentation, the presenter can want to add comments about the presentation such as the reaction of the public, the feedback about the slide or the element important not to forget.

Rehearse timing

PowerPoint 2003 - Rehearse timing buttton

PowerPoint 2003 - rehearsal toolbar

As in the slide sorter view, you may activate the timer to prepare your presentation. The details on how the timer works on the previous page.

PowerPoint2003 - rehearsal end window

Using the pen

You can also put of the accent on a slide by surrounding a word or by drawing an arrow. You need the mouse or the cursor to use this option.

*When you'll be on the page in question. move the mouse in any direction(management). A button will appear at the bottom of the screen to the right-hand side.
*Click the button of the presentation menu.
*Select the Pen option.

The cursor will be transformed into pencil.

*Click the button and keep your finger on it as long as you want.
*Practice as much as you need, to underline and to draw arrows or anything you wish.
*To continue with the presentation, click the button of the presentation menu located in the lower right corner and select the option arrows.

Continual presentation

You can also use PowerPoint to give a continuous presentation that does not stop showing your presentation.

Before continuing with the presentation, you should first prepare it. You should indicate to PowerPoint how long every slide should stay in the screen. To do it, you should go to the mode sorter of slide. Under the option of the effects of transitions for each of the slides, you should look to it one time of posting.

*From the View menu, select the Slides sorter option.
*Press the Transition boutonbutton.
*From the Slide show menu, select the Transition option.

*Select the options of your choice. However, the slide should move after a number of seconds that you determine.
*Press the Apply to all slides button.

This puts an effect of transition in all the slides. After a while, the presentation will pass in the next slide. You can change the duration of each of the slides. The presentation should however move automatically.

Then, should indicate to PowerPoint that you want a continuous presentation.

*From the Slide show menu, select the Set Up Show option.

*Make sure the Execute continuously until Esc option is selected.
*Press the OK button.

It remains only to begin the presentation so that it unwinds until it is to stop.


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